Pull My Finger is the triumphant 7 part web series, where a son pulls his father's when asked.

We’ve aimed to create something that feels like a live action version of “The Simpsons” from an alternate universe. Our colour palate was heightened with primary colours to make it feel playful and child-like. The pacing is often unusual and mannerisms awkward. We wanted it to feel like the characters existed in a vacuum— where nothing existed outside of their little bubble.

The intention behind this web series was to create something so absurd that people cannot look away. From the very conception it was designed to live natively on Facebook. We stuck to a square aspect ratio, had minimal dialogue and made sure everything was super visual. The premise was simple and we wanted to make a show where no one could ever guess what happens by the end of each episode. So far the show has been viewed on 32k times on its native platform on Facebook.

Created by Jesse Vogelaar - Directed by Jesse Vogelaar & Justin Villar - Written by Caitlyn Stapes, Scott Limbrick, Hill Kuttner & Jesse Vogelaar

Level 2, 105 Victoria Street Fitzroy